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 What Is A Logos Anyway?

The new College and Young Adult Ministry: Logos Fellowship. This is an exciting ministry that mixes fun and fellowship with a study focused on the reasons for the hope that we have (1 Peter 3:15).
Having said all that, I found it interesting that the top comments about the study were not about what we do, but rather about the name — Logos?
One person thought the study was called Legos fellowship. I didn’t mind that because I love Lego’s. But no, indeed it is Logos.
You may already know that Logos is the Greek word found in John’s Gospel, Chapter 1 where it says:
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
That constant reference to “the Word” in John’s gospel is the term Logos in the Greek. In the beginning was the Logos – and the Logos became flesh (verse 14). So John identifies this Logos as Jesus.
The cut and dry definition of Logos is “word.” However, the original term is much larger in meaning.
The Greeks had used the term Logos for centuries before John’s gospel. This rich history makes it clear that the Greeks saw the Logos as the power that makes the world orderly instead of chaotic.
Curiously, Logos is where we derive our English word Logic.
Thus the Greeks saw the Logos as both the “Logic” and the “Ultimate Reason” that controlled all things – the reason for the order behind everything that exists.
So when John offered his opening salvo: εν αρχη ην ο λογος, (In the beginning was the word) all Greeks understood to what he was inferring: “this word, this Logos that has been swimming around our literature and weaving its way through threads of our discussions is here, in person!”
 Why is any of this important?
Because if we have a God who reveals himself as the Logos, the Logic or the Reason behind it all, then it becomes clear that we have a God who will honor genuine inquiries.
Jesus will honor the inquiry because he has the answers. He is the Logos.
He is the rational principle of divine reason, mind, and wisdom. God’s Word is His powerful self-expression in creation, wisdom, revelation and salvation and is referred to a person Jesus.
Take a quick look at Matthew 22:37 where Jesus proclaimed that you are to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,”
When Jesus said to love the Lord your God with all your mind, I think he meant it.
Using our minds honors God.
Asking questions and seeking answers for the reason for the hope that we have honors God.
Don’t be afraid of tough questions. You will not always find fast answers; some answers are a long time coming. However, for me anyway, those answers are worth it.
Finding answers to tough questions helps me to discover that Christianity is actually true and help you grow deeper relationship with God. For me, answers increase my faith, deepen my worship, and it amplifies my adoration for the God who is Truth in the flesh.
Maybe you have had some nagging questions, or been challenged by a skeptic with some thoughts that are leaving you doubting or guessing. That’s OK.
God is infinite! You and I are not. This means there will always be questions. But I am grateful that likewise, I have always found answers — robust, satisfying answers and sometimes answers that  will just make you say wow.
So wrestle with those questions. Don’t give up. Seek the answers. Ask more questions and gain even more understanding.
You will find that Christianity has reasonable and logical answers because we serve a reasonable and logical God of love — The Logos, the reason behind it all
These are reasons for the foundation for this class; that God is the Logos, the Logic to this class, this world and all that is and who is around you.