Gatekeeper’s Men’s Class

Sunday Mornings at 9:40AM

Teacher: Ernie Best

Description:  In the GateKeepers Sunday School class we are dedicated to the Study of God’s Word:


1 – Because of its Author

       Often God is thought of as a Creator, a Redeemer, a Shepherd, a Judge, etc.   This is correct thinking, of course, because he does indeed function in all these roles. But there is one great accomplishment of God which is almost always left off the divine attribute lists compiled by men. This wonderful but forgotten role is Author!

God has written a book, and that proof and priceless book is the Bible. As testified to by any human author, the nicest thing one can say to an author is “Oh, yes, I’ve read your book.” It is a tragic but true fact that many of the Christians who will someday (along with all believers) stand before the judgment seat of Christ will be sadly forced to admit that, while they were saved by heeding the salvation message in God’s Book, they nevertheless failed to take time to read it. Thus if for no other reason, the Bible should be carefully read to allow believers to proclaim to Christ on that day: “Dear Jesus, there were many things I did not do on earth that I should have done, as well as other things I did do that I should not have, but one thing I did, I read your book”

2 – Because of the often repeated command to read it.

3 – Because the Bible is God’s chosen way to accomplish his divine will.

        a.  Sinners are saved through the message of the Bible.

        b.  Saints are sanctified through the message of the Bible.

4 – Because our enemy the devil has read it.

5 – Because of the example of Paul.

6 – Because the Bible alone provides answers to life’s three most important questions.

        a. Where did I come from?

        b. Why am I here?

        c. Where am I going?

7 – Because we’ll never have the opportunity to apply many of its verses after we leave this earth.

8 – Because the only ultimate proof for our faith in the Bible.


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