Our History

Zittlestown churchIn 1870 the original deed of the land for the church was made from P.H. Zittle and wife Catherine to the Trustees of the Church of God at Zittlestown and their successors. This was recorded in the Hagerstown Court House on February 9, 1870.

The first section of the Bethel was built and dedicated in 1870. It was in the East Pennsylvania Eldership with other Churches of God in Maryland.

In 1872, the Maryland and Virginia Eldership was organized and this church transferred from the East Pennsylvania Eldership and was placed on a circuit with Creagerstown and Fairplay. It became known as the Creagerstown-South Mountain circuit.

In 1940, a one room school house across the road from the church was purchased for a social hall.

In 1948, The Bethel was redecorated; Rev. Samuel Kipe gave the dedicatory message.

A parsonage was purchased at 42 Saint Paul Street, Boonsboro, Maryland, in 1950.

In 1956, A building fund was started with a canvass of members.

A lot along Route 40 was purchased by Mrs. Marie Moser and donated to the church for a building lot, in 1957.

In 1958, the State Road Commission bought the lot for road expansion. Then, in 1959, the Moss property, south of Boonsboro, was purchased for $6,675.

In 1960, the ground breaking service was held on April 10, with Rev. Gerald Carbaugh, President of the Maryland and Virginia Eldership, bringing the message. The service to lay the corner stone was held on November 13 with Rev Paul Moore, President of the Eldership.

The church held it’s first service on January 1, 1961 and dedicated a new parsonage on November 24, 1964. Zittlestown Church of God became an independent church on June 19, 1966 and then on March 3, 1974 voted to change it’s name to Boonsboro Bible Church.

We voted to add our 35’x50′ Fellowship Hall in 1976 and completed construction in 1978. The dedications service for the new building was held on June 3, 1979 with Rev. Gerald Carbaugh as our guest speaker.

We celebrated our 25th Anniversary on March 26, 1985 and then built a Pavilion in 1990. In 1993 we added the Kate Kaetzel Library, and in 2006 put an addition on the church.

In 2009 the church’s education area was remodeled to include more and larger classrooms and a larger nursery. We also enclosed the pavilion to make it into a new teen education and recreation center. A skatepark was also built to help minister to teens in our community.