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What is KidStuf252?

KidStuf252 strives to teach kids 3 main things:

1) I need To Make The Right Choice

2) I Can Trust God No Matter what

3) I should Treat Others The Way I want To be Treated!

Kidstuf252 teaches foundational Biblical virtues through stories and skits that are fun for ALL AGES! The Kidstuf252 Family Experience sets the stage for the 252 basics that take place throughout the rest of the month. 252 worship is a FAMILY! worship hour filled with dynamic energetic music and dramas. 

– VALUE DRIVEN: Where faith and character are taught by emphasizing a monthly virtue.

– CREATIVELY WIRED: Where video, lights, sound, music and comedy are used to make a lasting impression with kids and parents.

– FAMILY CENTERED: Where parents and kids spend quality time together.

– USER FRIENDLY: Where your friends will thank you for bringing them.

– VOLUNTEER FUELED: Where EVERYONE can participate and get connected.

It is our mission to share the Gospel and to assist famlilies in embracing what Jesus modeled in Luke 2:52. Our goal is to invite kids and their families to live out a life characterized by growth in relationship with God and with others.

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