What To Expect

Here at the Boonsboro Bible Church, we know – it’s not easy visiting a new church for the first time. Sometimes you feel like a nonmember visiting a country club. Do I belong here? Am I really welcome? Will the people be unfriendly, or too friendly? Will I be conspicuous? Will it be easy to leave if I don’t enjoy it? Will they ask me for money? Will my kids enjoy it? How should I dress? Am I welcome if I’m not a believer?

At the Boonsboro Bible Church, we know that you want to know what to expect when you walk through our doors for the very first time, so here’s a brief overview.

When you arrive at Boonsboro Bible Church for either our 9:30 a.m. Small Group Bible Breakouts (for all ages) or for the 10:35 am Worship and Celebration Service, you can either park in the parking lot, in the lawn next to the parking lot, or along the road. There will be parking lot attendants to help you with parking, and even provide you with an umbrella escort from your car to the front door of the church on rainy days.

At the front door, you will be greeted with a warm smile and welcome by one of our friendly greeters who will give you a bulletin with information about ministries and upcoming events at B.B.C. These greeters will also help you with any questions that you may have.

If you come to our 9:30 a.m. Small Group Bible Breakouts (for all ages), you will be helped in finding which of our many classes best fit your particular needs, age, etc.  

As you enter the worship center, you will be greeted with the smell of fresh brewed Starbucks coffee and fresh baked muffins, bagels, and doughnuts at our “Holy Grounds Coffee Shop.” We offer regular and decaffeinated coffees, specialty coffee, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and various teas. We also have numerous DaVinci Syrups for flavored coffee. Sound good? Here’s the best part – it’s absolutely FREE every Sunday. It’s our way of saying, “Welcome, and make yourself at home.”   

One of the first things you will notice is that everyone is dressed comfortably, in anything from “office casual” to jeans and sneakers. 

When you come to our 10:35 a.m. service there will be some friendly ushers to help you with seating if you would like. When you find a place to sit, be sure to fill out the “Welcome” card located in the songbook rack in front of you. Following the service, take your filled out “Welcome” card to the “Holy Ground Coffee Shop,” hand it to our friendly barista, and receive a FREE gift. Be assured, when you come to the Boonsboro Bible Church, we will not point you out, single you out, or in any other way embarrass you. As our guest, we want you to be comfortable, and enjoy being able to worship God.

We typically begin our service with a greeting from pastor Rob, some announcement of upcoming events, and a recognition of those who have had birthdays and anniversaries that past week.  

Our Worship and Celebration Service includes some awesome upbeat praise and worship music led by the B.B.C. Praise Team and Band. The words of the songs are projected on a large screen for you to follow. Our Praise Team and Band does a great job leading musically, with a contemporary feel (drums, guitars, keyboards, violin, Irish flute, and vocalists). You’ll have some new tunes to hum all week long. We also use “i-worship” presentations which are basically breathtaking I-Max worship video experiences. As we worship, feel free to clap, raise your hands in praise, and just worship God from the depth of your heart.

During the service, we will take up an offering. Please do not feel pressured to give. As our guest, we do not expect, or even want you to give anything in the offering if you do not want to. Again, you are our guest.

During the service, we also offer Nursery for your little ones, and a fantastic children’s program where you can be assured that your children will be well taken care of as they have fun learning the Bible.

On occasions, during the service, we will also have short dramas or multimedia presentations to introduce the sermon topic for the day. The message will be based on the Bible, and will often include interesting quotes from contemporary people, songs, or movies. It is our pastor’s goal to present a message that will be solid in Christian doctrine and theology in a manner that is intelligent, understandable, and relevant to your daily life. And hopefully, you’ll laugh at times and maybe feel a tug at your heart too.

At the end of the message, the pastor will extend an invitation for anyone who would like to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior, or renew their commitment to Jesus Christ. This is done in a way that will not single you out or embarrass you if you choose to make a decision. Following the service, counselors are available to help you in understanding better your decision for Christ, pray with and for you, and provide you with some materials on what to do next as a new believer in Jesus Christ.

The first Sunday of every month is Communion (the Lord’s Supper), which is a celebration of the self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ. During this time, we remember what Jesus Christ has done for us, continues to do for us, and will ultimately do for us in the future. If you are a committed Christian, you are welcome to share in communion with us, and if not, you can sit back and enjoy the music the is played during this time.

After the service, you’ll pick up your children from their classrooms, and then we hope you’ll stay around, meet some people. Church is about God and worship, but it’s also about community and friendship, so we hope people really experience warmth and friendliness at Boonsboro Bible Church.

That’s about it. People constantly tell us that they really felt comfortable – “at home” are the words we hear most frequently. We hope you’ll stop by this Sunday. And if you do, please let the pastor know that you found out about Boonsboro Bible Church on our web-site.

Thanks for your interest!